who we are

Hi-Tech Auto Care Inc. was created in 1978 by Freddy Montalto. When Freddy was young, he started working in iron shops and then soon after took his metal work into fabricating for cars and automobiles. Soon after that, he moved his talents into helping many people to fix their automobiles, from cars, motorcycles, trucks, and even boats.

We serve to provide great care for your automobile and you as a driver, always putting safety and quality first.

We are always ahead of the curve, being on top of our certifications while the industry is constantly changing. Because of this, we are helping our drivers and customers to be safe on the road, even after the accident occurs.


Lifetime Warranty!

We guarantee our work, for as long as the driver owns that vehicle.

Certified Shop

We have official certifications in major name automobile brands.

Our Facilities

We are fully equipped to handle all of your collision needs. From fixing that little ding in your door to frame repairs and detailed paint jobs, we can do it all! Our two state-of-the-art facilities are staffed with the industry’s best technicians and equipment. Both located off of Deer Park Avenue

Our Equipment

We are always improving our equipment to be industry-standard to be able to prepare our cars to manufacture standards. We make sure to have this equipment to meet your cars safety standards. Using welding technologies and equipment, we make sure all repairs are secure and up to standards.

Our Process

From beginning to end, our customers are welcome into the shop as we are repairing your car, we also send emails with up-to-date pictures of your car in progress so you feel satisfied with our process at all times, we will even welcome you in to give you a tour of our facilities, because we are proud of where we work and how we do it.

Why choose us

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

When you bring your vehicle to HiTech Auto Care Inc, we  want to make sure you are satisfied  with our work and to make sure your car stays with...

Customer Service

Customer Service

One of our advantages at HiTech Auto Care Inc. is that we are a family business. We treat our customers as family and provide frequent updates on...

Detailing and Brand New Parts

Detailing and Brand New Parts

We only work with brand new parts and state-of-the-art industry equipment. We never purchase used and old parts for your vehicle since we want...

Safety First

Safety First

When your vehicle is  complete, we send it back to your dealer and make sure to double-check for sensor safety, checking car computers, monitors...

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