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Acura is one of the largest car Manufacturers in the United States, over 10% of all vehicles on the road today are Acura. Not only that, but Acura has incredible exclusive technology that makes them highly advanced vehicles. For this reason, it is important to make sure your Acura is being repaired by a ProFirst Certified shop.

Hi-Tech Auto Care Inc. is a ProFirst Certified Shop and we are committed to a complete your repair the way Acura intends for it to be completed. We will not cut corners because your insurance company wants us to, we ALWAYS repair the car the way the Manufacture tells us to. To become a ProFirst shop you must first be i-CAR Gold Class and that is no small feat. After you become an i-CAR Gold Class you have to undergo ProFirst Specific training to ensure that you are up to date on all the latest and greatest Acura exclusive technology. Next you need to have your Body Shop audited by certified third-party organizations that American Acura chooses.

We are proud to be a part of the ProFirst Certified Collision Repair Facility network. Being a part of the ProFirst Collision network gives us access to Acura’s repair procedures along with other helpful resources to guarantee that we get the repair right the first time! When it comes time to negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf, we educated the insurance company on the correct procedures that are required to be followed in order to safely repair your vehicle. After we get approval to proceed we then begin the parts ordering process, this coincides with the blueprinting process. Each and every repair to a Acura is unique and we treat them all uniquely, assessing the damage and make sure we develop the proper repair plan for your vehicle. The parts are ordered and once they all arrive we start the repair, depending on the size of the repair it can be simple and quick. In some instances the repair can be a larger than normal repair and we follow every procedure that Acura provides to make sure that everything is done perfectly! We also document every repair so that in the unlikely event of a problem in the future, we know exactly what was done to the vehicle! After the repair is complete your vehicle goes through two different checks the first of the two is a 120 point inspection checking all the systems in your vehicle to make sure they are operating as designed! This 120 point inspection also includes a road test, the road test is crucial to ensuring that all the systems are working together to provide you that Acura feel you know and love. After it passes our 120 point inspection we being the diagnostic testing, where we use a Acura Authorized scan tool to complete a post-repair diagnostic test, this makes sure all of the systems are functioning as designed and no red flags that are not visible to the driver are there. If we need to do calibrating or programming of any of the systems we either have the capabilities to do it in house, if not we work with our partnering dealership to have your vehicle brought to there service center where they will do further diagnostic and troubleshooting to correct the problem.

Once both test are complete we being the detailing process, from bumper to bumper we detail and clean every inch of your vehicle. Our goal at Hi-Tech Auto Care Inc. and also being a ProFirst Collision repair facility is that we return your vehicle to you looking as new as the day you bought it!